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The Farm

Have you been the victim of hurtful and untrue comments online? We are here to help. 


The Farm

In this matter, we acted for the claimant which was a farm. The defendant was a photographer who requested to use the site to take pictures for families who had booked for her services. A dispute arose between the parties due to the fact that the defendant requested that the site be closed during her time using the site so as to prevent other people’s children from appearing in her images. The claimant informed the defendant that they could not close the site for two days exclusively for her.

Following this conversation, and unknown to the claimant, the defendant proceeded to create a marketing campaign for a two-day photo shoot at the claimant’s farm and used the claimant’s name, its address, their brand and invited guests to eat in the restaurant, browse the shop and explore the site. The Defendant also made several posts on Facebook advertising this. The claimant contacted the defendant and sent a letter to the defendant in order to seek for this gap to be rectified and to find an amicable resolution to the matter, but this was not successful. The defendant then proceeded to make several false and defamatory statements about the claimant on the defendant’s Business Facebook Page.
We sent a robust letter before action to the defendant and engaged in without prejudice discussions with the defendant and were able to bring the matter to closure.


What We Do

We are online defamation solicitors in London

The Social Media Solicitors in London have developed a high level of expertise in the fast-changing area of defamation law. And we have helped numerous individuals and businesses over many years. We work closely with clients to quickly limit the fallout from internet defamation and any breach of confidentiality. In appropriate cases, we will also pursue damages.
We concentrate on getting results quickly, minimising or preventing any damage that has been caused.

Who Do I Sue for Internet Defamation?

The law is complex. Our focus in every case is to get the offending material taken down as quickly as we can. This includes seeking urgent removal from search engine results.
Our first step is to approach the person who posted the material (if known). We will also approach the publisher – the website operator or host – who may have an interest in removing material because of their potential liability under UK defamation law.
Our initial letter will:

State the precise nature of the defamation

Request the immediate removal of the material from all internet locations in which it appears

Indicate our intention to instigate legal proceedings if our requests are not met

We understand that for many the cost of bringing a full-blown legal case is prohibitive. The good news is that for many of our clients the first letter from us has the desired result – the offending material is removed.

If there is a refusal to take down the material, you may have to start proceedings but we will advise you fully of your options at this stage. Cases of this nature are sensitive – we understand how to handle them, negotiating tactfully but forcefully to achieve the result you are looking for.

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Online Defamation Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is defamation?

    Defamation arises when a statement is made or published about you to another person and that statement causes you serious harm and is untrue.

  • What if the words were said to me?

    If words are said to you directly, you will not have a claim for defamation. For a defamation claim, the words must have been delivered to another person, other than yourself.

  • What is the legal time limit to make a claim? 

    An individual must make a claim for defamation within one year from the date the defamatory statement was made. If you are unsure about whether you can make a claim, contact our specialist defamation solicitors for advice.

  • Can I ask Google/Facebook/Instagram to remove a defamatory statement?

    Whilst you can ask the social media platforms to remove the content, our experience shows that in most cases, the social media platforms do not remove content or get involved in a dispute situation. In these circumstances, you need to get professional help.

  • Can the police help with my defamation case?

    Based upon the cases we have seen and advised on, the police do not get involved in defamatory matters; this is treated as a civil, rather than a criminal matter in the majority of cases.

Our Clients


At The Social Media Solicitors, we have a genuine passion for protecting people's reputations.
Though most of our clients prefer to remain incognito, we still have some great testimonials you can read here.

City Professional

The Social Media Solicitors have been exceptional in helping me navigate a delicate matter of privacy, harassment and reputation management. Staying in constant communication was not something I expected from a boutique firm. They worked hard and continue to partner with me each step of the way, considering all professional, personal and legal angles. Want some peace of mind? Highly recommended!

August 2020


The Social Media Solicitors were recommended to me by a friend and I was not disappointed. They explained the importance of privacy to me in a way I could understand and now I am better informed. Their expertise gave me peace of mind at a stressful time in my life. I highly recommend The Social Media Solicitors, particularly for their expertise in the area of Social Media Defamation and Privacy

July 2020


I am very grateful to The Social Media Solicitors for their ongoing professional advice and help. We are facing challenging circumstances, being falsely accused, defamed and harassed. They have expertly assisted and continue to support us through these difficult times. I am impressed by their accessibility and flexibility to ensure that we are fully supported.

January 2020