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Online Harassment

Few things in life are as stressful as online harassment. We are here to help. 

Online Harassment Solicitors in London

If you are being harassed or having malicious content published about you online, this could amount to defamation. Our solicitors can help.

Harassment is behaviour, which causes alarm, anxiety or distress in the victim and can take many forms. We often see cases where there is a general campaign of hatred, designed to cause harm to the reputation of the victim. Being the victim of harassment can be very stressful and even frightening, and as a result, it is essential that you put a stop to it as soon as possible. Our solicitors are experts in bringing harassment cases in the civil courts and making claims for defamation where your reputation has been damaged by harassment.

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How We Can Help

How we can help you with online harassment 

If you are suffering online harassment, you may be able to bring a civil claim. The claim must be brought by the victim of harassment in the civil courts. If your claim is successful, you may be awarded damages for the distress the conduct has caused you. The court may also grant an injunction which prevents future behaviour that may amount to harassment, and if this is breached the party involved, they may face criminal charges and even a custodial sentence.
In addition, if the conduct amounting to online harassment includes the publication of content online or communicating defamatory information by email, you may also be able to bring a claim for defamation. We have an in-depth understanding of defamation law and the defences available and act for those accused of slander or libel and people or organisations that are the victims of defamatory statements.

We are a small, niche team who are experts in what we do.

We can:

    Take action to prevent publication of defamatory material
    Negotiate a pre-publication deal before potentially harmful material is published
    Draft “cease and desist” letters to the parties involved in the harassment
    Make an application for an interim injunction to control the spread of defamatory material
    Pursue civil claims for harassment
    Pursue claims for damages in relation to defamation

Our advice and assistance will significantly depend on your circumstances, but the sooner you get in contact with us, the more options we have available to ensure damage to your reputation is minimised. Get in touch with The Social Media Solicitors today.

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Defamation law is highly specialised. We not only have the expertise to advise and represent you, but we will also provide you with the assurance that our services are being offered in complete confidence and security. Protecting your confidentiality and reputation is our priority. To find out more about how our defamation solicitors can manage your case, please call The Social Media Solicitors on 0203 983 8278 or click the Contact Us button. 

Our Clients


At The Social Media Solicitors, we have a genuine passion for protecting people's reputations.
Though most of our clients prefer to remain incognito, we still have some great testimonials you can read here.

City Professional

The Social Media Solicitors have been exceptional in helping me navigate a delicate matter of privacy, harassment and reputation management. Staying in constant communication was not something I expected from a boutique firm. They worked hard and continue to partner with me each step of the way, considering all professional, personal and legal angles. Want some peace of mind? Highly recommended!

August 2020


The Social Media Solicitors were recommended to me by a friend and I was not disappointed. They explained the importance of privacy to me in a way I could understand and now I am better informed. Their expertise gave me peace of mind at a stressful time in my life. I highly recommend The Social Media Solicitors, particularly for their expertise in the area of Social Media Defamation and Privacy

July 2020


I am very grateful to The Social Media Solicitors for their ongoing professional advice and help. We are facing challenging circumstances, being falsely accused, defamed and harassed. They have expertly assisted and continue to support us through these difficult times. I am impressed by their accessibility and flexibility to ensure that we are fully supported.

January 2020