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Print & Media Defamation

Been defamed in print? Even though it's not viral, it can still hurt. We are here to help you and your business. 

Print & Media Defamation Solicitors in London

High-profile online defamation claims dominate the headlines. But instances of offline defamation also continue to cause concern for many. Traditional print media may not have the immediacy or global reach of the internet. Nevertheless, untrue, damaging comments can cause distress, embarrassment and financial loss. This is true whether the victim is an individual or a large company.
As specialist defamation lawyers, we regularly seek redress for clients who have been defamed on air, in newspapers, magazines books and other publications. Contact our defamation solicitors in London today on 0203 983 8278 or click the button below. 

Can I take legal action against any damaging content?

Defamation actions are expensive. Before you embark on any kind of formal claim you should seek legal advice. Just because you object to something that has been written about you or your business does not mean it is actionable. Defences to defamation claims include:

Truth – If the comment is true your claim will fail – but it is up to the defendant to prove this

The comment amounted to an ‘honest opinion’ of the author

Arguing that publication was in the public interest


How We Can Help

Legal remedies for defamation 

The most effective solution is to address the potential defamation head-on before it is published. If you are aware that defamatory material is about to be published you can instruct us to approach the author or publisher directly to explain why the material is defamatory and remind them of the consequences for them if they proceed to publication.

Despite the risks involved in defamation litigation, there are clear legal remedies available. These include:

    Interim and permanent injunctions
    An Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) adjudication or correction

Depending on the facts of your case we can advise you on the most appropriate strategy for you to follow. Contact The Social Media Solicitors today

Contact The Social Media Solicitors 

If you or your business have been the victim of offline defamation, contact our specialist defamation solicitors in London today. Call 0203 983 8278 or click the Contact Us button. 


What do I need to prove in a defamation claim?

The Defamation Act, 2013 introduced some changes to the law. As a result, you now need to show you have suffered ‘serious harm’ to your reputation. A business must prove serious financial loss as a result of the material in question.

Statistics from 2015 indicate a reduction of 40% from the previous year in the number of defamation cases issued in London. Whether this is due to the more stringent requirements of the 2013 legislation or the reported increase in legal costs for this type of action is unclear. But in our experience, just as many people complain about defamation now as in the past. Their claims just don’t reach the stage where court proceedings are issued.

Our Clients


At The Social Media Solicitors, we have a genuine passion for protecting people's reputations.
Though most of our clients prefer to remain incognito, we still have some great testimonials you can read here.

City Professional

The Social Media Solicitors have been exceptional in helping me navigate a delicate matter of privacy, harassment and reputation management. Staying in constant communication was not something I expected from a boutique firm. They worked hard and continue to partner with me each step of the way, considering all professional, personal and legal angles. Want some peace of mind? Highly recommended!

August 2020


The Social Media Lawyers were recommended to me by a friend and I was not disappointed. They explained the importance of privacy to me in a way I could understand and now I am better informed. Their expertise gave me peace of mind at a stressful time in my life. I highly recommend The Social Media Lawyers, particularly for their expertise in the area of Social Media Defamation and Privacy

July 2020


I am very grateful to The Social Media Lawyers for their ongoing professional advice and help. We are facing challenging circumstances, being falsely accused, defamed and harassed. They have expertly assisted and continue to support us through these difficult times. I am impressed by their accessibility and flexibility to ensure that we are fully supported.

January 2020